Case Study: In-House Innovation for Improved Efficiency, Reduced Errors & Cost Savings


A donor sample is collected with every plasma procedure. Roughly half of the plasma collection industry was assembling a tube holder, a luer adaptor and a top sleeve to prepare a device for sample collection – essentially three parts had to be assembled. The other half of the industry was using an alternate design: purchasing two parts and putting it together at the time of sample collection. Both assembly processes required extra time and sometimes resulted in errors impacting quality and operator safety.


In response, HemaSource worked with a supplier to develop and manufacture a 3-in-1 Combination Holder to replace the inefficient three and two component assembly. A sterile, integrated and molded design, the device provides the same functionality with no assembly required, increased efficiency and reduced potential for error.


The new design has experienced swift, robust adoption while demonstrating a significant improvement in the overall process – reducing time required and errors while improving operator safety. In addition, the device reduces the cost of donor sampling by an average of 10 to 15 percent.


HemaSource insight made it possible to:

  • Identify an area of opportunity not being served by current sample collection products
  • Develop a unique product to improve efficiency and safety
  • Reduce the cost of donor samplings