Powerful Analytics

Business Intelligence

Our patented web-based ordering and analytics software auto calculates your inventory requirements and thereby optimizes efficiency, reduces waste and increases savings.

Consultative Approach

HemaSource combines product usage and purchasing analytics, industry-wide best practices and product and process expertise to improve efficiency and save money.

Enterprise-wide Transparency

View usage and logistics at center, regional and corporate levels. Our tools allow all levels within the organization to view industry-wide benchmarks for comparison and improvement.

Streamlined Ordering

Our innovative and patented intelligent MRP software automates the ordering process and reduces inventory errors by using your usage and purchasing history to auto-calculate inventory needs. It was created by center managers to fit into how you do business and seamlessly tie directly to patient and donor management systems. The user-friendly, web-based platform requires no IT equipment to buy or software to install.

Single Portal Ordering

Our VendorConnect feature offers a single, easy to use portal to order your non-HemaSource products.

Enhanced Total Operational Efficiency

  • Creates usage savings and reduces demand (cost decrease by an average of 18% per procedure)
  • Reduces inventory (reduced on average by 11%)
  • Savings in time, storage space and money (53% reduction in time spent on ordering and inventory management, on average)

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