Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is your company? Do you have the capacity to service large national operations?

A: HemaSource currently supports many large national & regional multi-center companies while servicing over 40 million donor and patient procedures per year. We have strategically located warehouses from which we can provide medical products in the most efficient and expedited manner.

Q: Are you competitive on product pricing?

A: Yes. HemaSource works with many quality suppliers to provide the highest value product at the lowest cost. Additionally, the MRP software tool focuses on operations to improve usage efficiency, allowing you to save money on total spend, inventory and administration.

Q: How does the MRP software work?

A: The MRP software is a web-based application you can access with your favorite browser. Ordering is typically a simple three-step process. The software is constantly monitoring usage and inventory levels to tell you when and how to order your most vital items so you always have what you need when you need it.

Q: Can I order other manufacturer’s products from you?

A: Our VendorConnect software allows you to order products from other approved vendors through the HemaSource software while enabling reporting and analytics through the MRP software and Best Practices.

Q: How is my information and data used by HemaSource? Is it secure?

A: HemaSource understands that information privacy and data security are critical to our customers. Consequently, our MRP system is reinforced with advanced controls to prevent unauthorized access to the system and data. Any data collected by the MRP software is used to generate industry-level information, to provide reports and analytics that benefit our customers. Additionally, we never share customer-identifiable information with any outside organizations.

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