Case Study: Examination Glove Process Initiative


In 2016, a national multi-center customer began an initiative to reduce the usage of exam gloves by requiring its centers to adhere to standing regulatory requirement versus a prior internal policy specifying when an operator changes gloves. The customer needed corporate-level analytics to evaluate each centers’ conformance to the new standard.


HemaSource partnered with the customer using the MRP software to:

1. Deploy a new usage standard for glove usage to all centers across the country
2. Customize MRP reports to monitor ongoing usage at individual sites
3. Use the analytics from the MRP software to evaluate compliance to the new policy to center, regional, and corporate managers
4. Implement work flow changes/ training


After only three months, the MRP software findings resulted in savings in average usage and per procedure spend, with annualized savings across all centers exceeding $1M.



Avg. Gloves Used/Donor


Avg. Spend/Donor


Annual Glove Spend ($ mm)


HemaSource MRP software made it possible to:

  • Implement procedural change in glove usage
  • Evaluate compliance at multiple organizational levels
  • Adjust workflow accordingly
  • Measure savings and success